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SWISS IM&H is an international family away from home, which provides its students hospitality competencies and skills they are proud of and can sustain. We motivate, support and nurture our students - "To Be All You Can Be!”

Start your journey as a SWISS IM&H student and let us help you to prepare for your future career!

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SWISS IM&H is offering students Dual MBA in Business and Hospitality Management Degree Programme delivered in partnership with London Graduate School  and validated by the QS top-ranked University of Chichester in the UK. 

The MBA in Hospitality Management at SWISS IM&H is a specialised Business and Hospitality related Master’s Degree that covers an intensive two-semester curriculum and two intense industrial training sessions.

This rigorous academic programme is based on the master’s degree requirements that cultivate strategic thought and quantitative skills, a combination essential in today's upper management positions. Critical thinking and analytical ability are central cores that make our master programme perfect for future Hospitality professionals.

The minimum duration to complete the Master programme is 1.5 years.

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What qualification/degree student can receive?

After successful completing full MBA programme students will earn a dual qualification as named below:

- Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management (Awarded by Swiss IM&H)

- Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management and Leadership (Awarded by the University of Chichester)

If any student decides to leave the school or take a study break before they complete the four year programme, they are still entitled to a degree with the successful completion of each year and the fulfilment of the academic requirements. Our students can join any other institutes for further studies with these qualifications.

For each year of study, students receive a SWISS IM&H and an OTHM Transcript and an Individual Qualification awarded by SWISS IM&H as named below:

1st Year MBA - Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management

2nd Year MBA - Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management 

What are the major admission requirements?

SWISS IM&H has four intakes over two semesters in a year. Students can apply for any of the four intakes (July, April, October, and January) as per their preparation and admission assessments. The admission requirements are as follows:

1. Student must be minimum of 17 years of age

2. Student must have completed Bachelor degree or equivalent

3. Strong motivation and interest in the hospitality industry

4. English proficiency level 6.0 overall band score in IELTS or equivalent in TOEIC or TOEFL

5. Filled enrolment application form




Study programme is carefully designed to balance theory and practice (industrial training) and with many opportunities for case studies and group projects, students are cultivating not just the necessary knowledge, but the leadership skills and professionalism that will enable them to assume cutting-edge roles in the next generation of the hospitality industry.

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- Professional experience in hospitality industry in one of the most competitive countries in the world
- 6 months paid internship each academic year
- Minimum 2212 CHF gross monthly wage
- Full support during the internship search from our Career Centre Plus
- We provide all of our students with German lessons at elementary to advances levels to enable better internship prospects

Read more about Career Centre+ services 

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Safety, Health and Wellbeing

- As per June 2020 Report of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Switzerland has been named the safest country in the world for COVID-19.

- SWISS IM&H campus is located in a picturesque place at the foot of a mount Rigi and the lake Lucerne in the front. There are onsite and offsite gym facilities. Students can do various outdoor sports because of the perfect location we sit on for hiking, biking, and many winter sports in the mountains. 

- Our Wellbeing Academy helps students bringing the best of themselves and strengthen skills for personal development.


Olivia, Taiwan

Studying PGD at SWISS IM&H from August 2019

"I joined SWISS IM&H after my bachelor study and a few years of working. With previous experiences mainly in the kitchen operation, I wish to extend my knowledge in a higher management level so that in the future I can run my own restaurant. When I first arrived at the school, I felt a warm welcome and quickly made friends with my peer students. They are from different countries and we are like a family in Switzerland. 

The thing I like the most about SWISS IM&H is the support we receive from our teachers, staff members and also my classmates. Whenever I have questions or need help, there’s always someone that will be so willing to help me. I really appreciate the cohesive bonds we have built at the school, it motivates me to push myself further in my career development and grow as a person. 

I received a lot of support from the career centre for applying for my internships, which is much more than the support I received in my bachelor study. I am really excited to start my first internship at Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel (5 star hotel). If you are looking for a boutique hotel management school that makes you feel like home then SWISS IM&H is definitely your choice."

Pratik, India

Studying MBA at SWISS IM&H from October 2019

"After almost 4 years of working in the F&B functions in hospitality, I decided to pursue my MBA in SWISS IM&H to enrich my experience and upgrade my CV so that I will advance in my career. I am also very curious about learning a different culture and making friends from all over the world. In addition, I am also learning German here, because I believe language will give you success in each and every way. 

The first thing I experienced at SWISS IM&H is the beautiful view we have at the campus. The amazing panoramic view of the lakes and the alpine mountains really take my breath away. Every morning I wake up with the beautiful sunrise on the mountains above the lake and it makes me happy. The atmosphere at the school is very friendly. Staff and students are very cooperative, students often come far away from their homes and we all understand each other’s needs, so it’s like a big family at the school. If someone needs something, no one will say no to anyone, everyone can accommodate the person who is in need. All the faculty members will share their own knowledge with me and I can learn a lot from everyone.

My advice for future students is to go out more, go explore the unique Swiss culture, try and learn as much German as you can before coming here. It will certainly help you with your life here and your future career."